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Snoring and
Obstructive Sleep apnoea

Excessive snoring may be associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea which is a conditon charactorised by periods of apnoea (episodes of cessation of breathing) whilst asleep. This can cause daytime sleepiness, heart problems, impaired memory, irritability, straining social relationships, sexual dysfunction and poor work performance.

Snoring occurs when air is obstructed from entering your upper airway by relaxed and collapsed muscule tone and has many causes.

How is this treated?

Treatment involves a full history and examination often in conjuction with an ENT surgeon who may also advise special sleep studies to assess the condition. Treatment may initially involve diet modification, exercise, reduction of alcohol then more specialied treatments such as jaw repositioning devices and surgery. 

Treating the condition in the early stages decreases long term damage to the heart and lungs.

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